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How to order from the albums?

  1. Send picture link to feezys@hotmail.com (note: don’t send pictures, but please send the link of the picture so we can locate the product)
  2. We will confirm the stock availability and price then email you back
  3. We could not put certain brands on our website directly, if you need to purchase, you need to pay through a special link.
  4. After we confirmed the price and stockavailability, you can pay through this link: https://www.feezys.cn/special-link 
  5. In the remark box, paste album URL, in the Quantity box, input the price we quoted, for example, if you want to purchase one pair of slides, the price is $60, you need to input 60 in the Quantity box and click “Add to cart” button and then checkout, you will pay $60 for the slides through this link
  6. If you need to purchase more than 1 items, you can just paste all the album urls, and in the quantity box, input the total price for all items


Brand Album link
All Brands
LV x Supreme bag & wallet http://x.yupoo.com/photos/mingxiehui8/collections/198161
LV x Supreme bag & wallet http://x.yupoo.com/photos/mingxiehui8/collections/236125
LV men bag http://x.yupoo.com/photos/mingxiehui8/collections/84031
LV women bag http://x.yupoo.com/photos/mingxiehui8/collections/84017
LV wallets http://x.yupoo.com/photos/mingxiehui8/collections/84064
Gucci bag wallets
Gucci men bag http://x.yupoo.com/photos/mingxiehui8/collections/83996
Gucci women bag http://x.yupoo.com/photos/mingxiehui8/collections/84035
Gucci wallets http://x.yupoo.com/photos/mingxiehui8/collections/84089
Prada men bag http://x.yupoo.com/photos/mingxiehui8/collections/83993
Prada women bag http://x.yupoo.com/photos/mingxiehui8/collections/83998
Prada wallet http://x.yupoo.com/photos/mingxiehui8/collections/84136
Chanel bag http://x.yupoo.com/photos/mingxiehui8/collections/84106
Chanel wallet http://x.yupoo.com/photos/mingxiehui8/collections/84010
YSL bag http://x.yupoo.com/photos/mingxiehui8/collections/84105
YSL wallet http://x.yupoo.com/photos/mingxiehui8/collections/84006
MCM men bag http://x.yupoo.com/photos/mingxiehui8/collections/369877
MCM women bag http://x.yupoo.com/photos/mingxiehui8/collections/84114
MCM wallet http://x.yupoo.com/photos/mingxiehui8/collections/84143
Other brands http://x.yupoo.com/photos/mingxiehui8/collections/83992


Brand Album URL
All brands
All brands
LV http://a1888888.x.yupoo.com/collections/84168
Gucci Men http://a1888888.x.yupoo.com/collections/84247
Gucci Women http://a1888888.x.yupoo.com/collections/84256
Ferragamo http://a1888888.x.yupoo.com/collections/84238
Other Brands http://x.yupoo.com/photos/mingxiehui8/albums/1839312?uid=1&referrercate=83992


Brand Album URL
Slides (mixed brand) http://lijia258.x.yupoo.com/collections/31626
Slides (All brands)
Gucci Slides
LV Slides
Gucci Sneakers http://lijia258.x.yupoo.com/collections/31622
Gucci Sneakers low
Gucci Sneakers high
LV sneakers http://lijia258.x.yupoo.com/collections/31635
Other brand Men shoes
Vans http://x.yupoo.com/photos/vanspifa2/albums
Converse http://x.yupoo.com/photos/kuangweipifa/albums
Nike http://x.yupoo.com/photos/280093721/albums


Name Album URL
hat & beanie
hat http://x.yupoo.com/photos/383925083/albums
hat /cap http://x.yupoo.com/photos/wanhaomaozi/collections/93855
phone case
phone case http://103993888.x.yupoo.com/collections/187344
women scarf
head band
Ornaments http://103993888.x.yupoo.com/collections/68176
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